Sample Pack: Medium Roast Coffee


There are a variety of roasts available, but the medium roast is the most popular. After tasting it, you’ll understand why. With its round body and rich flavor, it is ideal for anyone who loves coffee. Enjoy it hot or cold, black or with your favorite creamer, and you’re sure to enjoy every sip. You’ll taste the cocoa and clementine notes dancing on your tongue when you drink it black. As you add milk and sugar, you’ll experience the taste of milk chocolate and candied walnuts, earing you the praise of your taste buds. Coffee was intended to taste like this – perfect!

Roast: Medium Roast

Farm: Finca La Unica

Origin: Copan, Honduras

Process: Wet Wash

Recommended Brewing: All brewing methods

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Our farm-to-cup coffee is farmed and roasted with the highest quality in mind to ensure each cup is fresh and crisp. All of our coffees are sourced from farms that are certified USDA Organic, Fair Trade TSA, Con Manos De Mujer, and Shade Grown Bird Friendly.

The sample bags of ground beans are 3 oz.