Frequently Asked Questions


q: What is a bundt•ish cake?
a: bundt•ish is freshly baked to order, never frozen pound cake designed to create wonderful moments with family, friends or whomever you choose to share it with.
q: Is bundt•ish pound cake different than a bundt cake?
a: Yes. bundt•ish pound cake is dense yet moist with a velvety texture.

q: Where can I buy bundt•ish? Do you have a retail store?
a: You are in the right place! bundt•ish is a virtual bakery. All products are sold online and shipped directly to your home.

q: Are your cakes ever frozen?
a: Never ever! Every bundt•ish is freshly baked, vacuum-sealed, packaged and shipped to order for you and/or whomever you choose to share it with!.

q: How many people will one whole pound cake feed?
a: The 4lb bundt•ish is baked for 17-20 servings. If the group has an intense & selfish desire to consume your bundt•ish, the serving size shifts to 10-12!

q: bundt•ish packaging is beautiful but is it environmentally friendly?
a: Though our sustainability journey is just beginning, we have taken steps to ensure that we are on the right path. As a part of our efforts to promote sustainability and environmental awareness, bundt•ish has partnered with the Noissue Eco-Alliance Community. As a result, the tissue paper we use in our packaging is printed on compostable paper and dyed with soy-based inks. In addition, the One Tree Planted program plants a tree in our name to fight against deforestation for every order of tissue paper. We also contribute a portion of each shipment via UPS to their “Carbon Neutral Shipping” program. This fee allows UPS to monitor and track each shipment’s carbon dioxide levels and subsequently reduce carbon emissions in their operations.

q: Does bundt•ish offer vegan, kosher, or sugar-free options?
a: Not yet, but maybe one day. Stay tuned!

q: I have a nut, gluten and/or dairy allergy. is bundt•ish safe for me?
a: No. bundt•ish is freshly baked in an environment where nuts and dairy are present and contains gluten.

q: How long will a bundt•ish pound cake stay fresh?
a: bundt•ish cakes will stay fresh in a covered cool place for 5 days after removing the protective wrap. While we don’t recommend refrigeration, you can also freeze bundt•ish cakes for up to 3 months. Don’t worry – we include all the details with your bundt•ish cake order.

q: What if I want to enjoy my bundt•ish at a later date?
a: Wrap your bundt•ish with food-grade plastic. Cover with aluminum foil. Freeze up to four months. (If you prefer, you can pre-slice before wrapping and freeze and store slices in a freezer storage bag for later slice-by-slice enjoyment.) When ready, remove your bundt•ish from the freezer, let thaw at room temperature, unwrap, and serve. Enjoy! 


q: How much is shipping?
a: We offer flat shipping based on the destination zip code, starting at $10.00. see more info on our shipping page. 
q: When will my bundt•ish arrive?
a: Your bundt•ish will arrive with 1-5 days based on shipping zip code destination (subject to change based on shipping conditions).
q: What is your return policy?
a: Why would you want to return this deliciousness? All sales are final. feel free to contact customer service if you have any questions.

q: Does bundt•ish offer same-day delivery?
a: Not yet – subscribe to our newsletter for updates on delivery and more!

q: Does bundt•ish cater?
a: Maybe. See our big moments page to inquire. 


q: Can I send bundt•ish as a gift?
a: Absolutely! There is no better way to create a wonderful moment for someone than sending a bundt•ish pound cake.

q: Do you support corporate gifts?
a: Definitely! Please contact us directly at for more information.

q: Do you have gift cards available?
a: Yes! bundt•ish sells electronic gift cards.