About Us

Our moments led us to yours.

At bundt•ish, we understand that moments define life so we strive to create a brand that captures and creates moments. Moments, however, can be fragile and fleeting. Like many of you, we’ve experienced this firsthand.

A long story short?
Three catch-your-breath
events that started it all:

  1. A troubled heart. Since 2016, there have been multiple open-heart surgeries, months being “permanently” attached to a Swan-Ganz, heart monitors, and daily cocktails of heart meds while waiting on the transplant list. And a heart transplant! Followed by at least eight additional major and minor surgeries and procedures post-transplant, and countless hours of doctor visits, follow-ups, dozens of heart biopsies, catheterizations, scores of MRIs, X-rays, and EKGs, and so on.
  2. A loss. Within weeks of leaving the hospital after the transplant, we suddenly and tragically lost Stacey’s dad, Stanley W. Brice. He was the cornerstone of the family and we feel his loss daily. Moments were taken that Stacey will never know or experience due to his untimely passing.
  3. The 2020 pandemic. Like a raging wildfire, the pandemic swept across the country and world, consuming and destroying some little moments we had left – and it continues to do so.

We tell our story here, but we realize that it is your story too. It belongs to countless other families whose moments were quickly turned into ash due to the pandemic and other personal tragedies.

The missing pound cake!

We love pound cake, and craved it during the early stages of the pandemic. Although we tried all the local food delivery apps, we were unable to order one. It was puzzling that this easy-to-deliver product wasn’t available when people desperately needed it, and the positive, happy, and uplifting moments it provides. This wrong had to be made right.

Discussing starting our own pound cake company went something like this:

Johnny: “I think we should start a pound cake company,”

Stacey: “Well, I guess that means I’m baking. Let’s make it happen!”

bundt•ish was born!

At bundt•ish, we don’t just bake pound cakes, we bake moments by the pound: Moments of thanks, moments of happiness, moments of indulgence, moments of giving, and many more. We are so proud of our made-from-scratch pound cake that is simple, sweet, scrumptious, and one truly worthy of being the centerpiece for the many precious moments of your life.

Love by the Pound,
Johnny & Stacey

bundt•ish pound cakes are carefully crafted, never frozen, and are the perfect gift to share with others.